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Leverage the expertise of our SEO professionals to acquire top-tier backlinks from authoritative websites within your niche, giving you the competitive advantage needed to ascend the search engine rankings and dominate.

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Link Outreach Services

Get backlinks from high-quality, relevant sites

Authority Pilot specializes in link outreach, using our expertise and industry connections to help you secure top-tier backlinks from high-quality, relevant sites. With our Link Outreach service, you are assured of backlink excellence for your website, helping you achieve your online goals.

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potential point increase in domain authority with backlinks from high-authority sites

(Source: Moz)


of SEO’s believe links will be a ranking factor in 10 years time

(Source: AuthorityHacker)


businesses that outsource their link building

(Source: SearchLogistics)

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Watch traffic and conversions skyrocket

Link outreach helps you build a stronger backlink profile. Bring in more organic traffic and leads for your website without having to stress over getting them yourself. We take the manual link-building work off your plate.

Measuring link value

Obtaining high-quality backlinks through outreach efforts can significantly impact a website’s rankings on Google, as not all backlinks hold the same value. By prioritizing domain authority (DA) and traffic, and investing in more authoritative links, you can increase your website’s SEO value, which in turn boosts traffic and leads. Authority Pilot understands the importance of a diverse backlink profile, which is why we offer various tiers and types of link outreach to cater to your needs.

Domain Authority. We’ll provide backlinks from websites with the domain authority level you specify. Our team utilizes Moz to evaluate a site’s DA.

Publisher Traffic. We ensure guest post placement and link from a website with monthly traffic in the level you choose. Our team leverages Semrush to evaluate the traffic levels of a given site.

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The “done-for-you” link outreach solution

Manual outreach takes time and effort. In addition to existing connections, there are techniques involved that we have found to be quite successful. Our streamlined process secures high-quality guest post placements within 30 days.

“…the SEO benefit from guest blogging isn’t from the obvious bio links, it’s from everything else that comes from being known.”

How Link Outreach Works


    Decide on the content length for your placement. Provide us with the target URL of the page you'd like link outreach done for, as well as the anchor text you'd like hyperlinked on the backlink website. And you're done!



    Our outreach team will connect with bloggers to assess potential opportunities available.



    We boast an exceptional copywriting team dedicated to creating flawless blog posts tailored to the blog owner's audience. These posts seamlessly include natural, in-content editorial-style links.



    Through your dashboard, you'll have real-time visibility into every blogger outreach link we acquire. You'll receive a snapshot showcasing the complete Domain Authority metrics as they are placed.



Choose Criteria
Domain Authority

Guaranteed Domain Authority of the publishing site.

Starting At
Publisher Traffic

Guaranteed monthly organic traffic level of the publishing site.

Starting At
DA Strength

The higher the number the more powerful the site.

20 30 40 50

Word Count

Choose the word count for your guest posts.

500 1,000 1,500 2,000


Choose the number of posts.

1 10 20 30 40 50
Link Outreach
20+ DA
500 words
1 post

Total (USD)
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Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee

We’re proud to offer a risk-free first order for our link outreach service. Complete a single order; if it doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll refund your entire payment. Your satisfaction is what drives us.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Find all the answers you need about our services right here in our FAQ section, designed to help you understand how we can better support your journey.


Link outreach is the process of finding target sites to post content on. We first identify where your link would be most relevant, building a list of real blogs and websites that could be potential targets. Then, they are vetted to ensure they are quality sites with good metrics (Domain Authority and traffic). We proceed to pitch ideas to the blog and they agree on a suitable topic. We author the article and it gets published on their site.

Domain Authority is a scale from 1-100 that focuses on predicting how well a website will rank in the SERPs and uses multiple factors to determine that. Domain Authority is on a logarithmic scale, meaning it’s easier to go from a DA10 to a DA20 site and more difficult to go from a DA30 to a DA40 site.

Yes. Backlinks to your website are like votes: the more websites that link to you, the better. However, not all votes are equal. A link from a DA40 website to yours carries more value than a DA20 link. Both links help even if your website is DA50.

Many providers offer outreach services, but be warned it isn’t always the case. Some own their own blog network and use it for posting your articles. You often wind up getting what you paid for. All of the sites we post to are manually contacted and are real sites.

This product does not permit approval before posting, however, rest assured our providers have written plenty of these articles and clients love the result. These are high-quality articles written for a real audience, not SEO or promotional articles.

Getting Started

To see what the intake questions looks like, check out the Link Outreach intake form.

These are high-quality in-content links so this is a good place to use your exact or partial match anchor text, but ONLY if linking to a value-driven piece of content. Most of these publications have editorial staff who will nix links if they appear SEO driven.

Results & Deliverables

All deliverables typically have a 30-day turnaround from the time they are ordered. Because the entire process is manual, it takes a bit longer than other services we provide so that we can ensure quality.

This depends on how quickly search providers such as Google crawl sites. Sometimes days, other times weeks. We submit your report as soon as the post is completed, so it may not be indexed in your report. We guarantee every backlink will be indexed, so if you find the backlinks is still not indexed after a few weeks, let us know and we will investigate.

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad for 6 months. This doesn’t usually happen, but the guarantee is in place for your protection.

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