150+ Awesome ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Ideation

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Marketers face a constant struggle to come up with fresh and engaging ideas. The pressure to stand apart makes this challenge even more daunting. It can be a struggle to break through, at times searching for a source of inspiration that can make the ideation process more efficient. That’s where our 150+ ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Ideation kicks in.

ChatGPT serves as a catalyst for marketers, expediting idea generation, facilitating swift decision-making, and enhancing overall productivity in daily workflows. However, for those unacquainted with ChatGPT’s conversational AI model, navigating the most effective questions and commands for optimal chatbot performance may seem a little daunting.

This collection aims to fill the creativity gap, providing marketers with prompts to streamline ideation. Everything from Chat GPT prompt idea for SEO By tapping into ChatGPT’s power, marketers can enhance their campaigns with innovative ideas that resonate. Embrace this resource to navigate ideation challenges and infuse brilliance into your campaigns.

NOTE: This helpful resource receives frequent updates and additions, so be sure to bookmark it!

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ChatGPT Marketing Prompts

  1. Write [NUMBER] CTA messages about [INSERT MATERIAL HERE]. I want [NUMBER] combinations of one header and one subheading.

  2. Write my weekly newsletter, including [NUMBER] headings and [NUMBER] two-to-three sentence paragraphs about [INSERT CONTENT HERE].

  3. Turn the data below into a case study with the following formats (1) challenge (2) solution (3) Result. Data: [PASTE DATA].

  4. Create landing page copy for a limited-time discount on [PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. Use [NUMBER] header combinations with the following product features [INSERT PRODUCT FEATURE LIST].

  5. Propose a referral program to incentivize existing customers to refer our [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] to their networks.

  6. Suggest [NUMBER] compelling taglines for a new brand campaign for [PRODUCT] targeting [SPECIFIC DEMOGRAPHIC].

  7. Design a lead magnet or downloadable resource to attract potential customers to our website [WEBSITE URL]. Here is information about our product to help you: [INSERT PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  8. Create the structure for an infographic highlighting the key benefits of our [PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. Here is information about our product to help you [INSERT PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  9. Explain the marketing segments for [INSERT INDUSTRY]. Outline the potential opportunities within each segment and recommend which one we should target first.

  10. Re-write this email to appeal to [INDUSTRY AND JOB TITLE]: [INSERT EMAIL BODY].

  11. Explain the biggest pain points a [INDUSTRY AND JOB TITLE] has before making a purchase. Follow up with tips for addressing these pain points in our [PRODUCT NAME].

  12. Write a personalized landing page headline that speaks to our ideal customer [INSERT CUSTOMER DETAILS].

  13. Develop three unique product pitch ideas for a webinar on the topic of [INSERT TOPIC].

  14. Write five promotional taglines that will attract customers to our website and products.

  15. Develop a sales funnel for a [PRODUCT]. Include emails, ads, and landing pages that will convert leads into paying customers. Here is information about our product to help you [INSERT PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  16. Outline the customer journey for a new [PRODUCT/SERVICE/SUBSCRIPTION], including emails, ads, and landing pages.

  17. List the marketing channels that have the best ROI for [INSERT INDUSTRY].

  18. Write a customer profile for a [PRODUCT/SERVICE] buyer. Provide examples for both male and female buyers. Include details like age, location, job, interests, what social media channels they use, and more.
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ChatGPT Prompt Ideas for SEO

  1. Give me 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the main category of [INSERT YOUR CATEGORY]. Give me the results in a table with 5 columns.

    Follow-up prompt: From the list of 30 seed keywords you provided, identify the top 5 you think are the most important for immediate focus and explain why.

  2. Using [YOUR KEYWORD] as the central seed keyword, identify 15 long-tail keywords that potential customers might use when they look for [YOUR TOPIC] and quick habits to apply.

  3. I’m writing an article about [YOUR TOPIC]. What would be the best SEO-friendly URL structure?

    Follow-up Prompt: Please explain why this URL structure benefits SEO and user expoerience.

  4. My blog post is about [YOUR TOPIC]. The current title tag is 70 characters. Suggest a revised, SEO-friendly title tag that encapsulates the essence of the post while staying within optimal character limits.

  5. Write a 150-character max meta description on [TOPIC].

  6. Write 5 faq’s with answers using these keywords [INSERT KEYWORDS].

  7. Write 10 subheadings for a blog post titled [TITLE].

  8. Write schema markup with JSON and HTML code for the following [QUESTIONS/TOPICS/RECIPES].

  9. Generate list of at least 20 keywords related to [TOPIC].

  10. Summarize this article about X and link to it. [INSERT ARTICLE].

  11. Create a keyword list for my SEO agency around [TOPIC WORD OR PHRASE] and cluster the list based on the sales funnel, from top to bottom of the funnel keywords.

  12. Create a list of high-authority websites in [INDUSTRY].

  13. Create a code to use the Google Search Console API to index all of my webpages, not just a sample of 1,000.

  14. Create an outline for an article about [TOPIC]. The brand voice is [DESCRIPTION]. Start with [FIRST SECTION IDEA], then go into [SECOND SECTION IDEA], then finish with [LAST SECTION IDEA].

  15. Generate hreflang tags for a web page targeted to [COUNTRY] in [LANGUAGE].

  16. Create an xml sitemap including these urls [URL].

  17. List all long-tail queries related to [KEYWORD].

  18. Generate a RegEx in RE2 syntax to [DESCRIPTION] for Google Search Console.

  19. Suggest five blog post title ideas for the primary keyword [KEYWORD] for [TARGETED AUDIENCE].

  20. Generate a list of keywords for an SEO campaign related to our [PRODUCT LAUNCH]. Include long-tail keywords and low-competition keywords.

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Content Creation

  1. Write an engaging blog post about the advantages of using our products compared to other solutions in the market. [INSERT PRODUCT DETAILS].

  2. Write an introduction for a blog post on [TOPIC] using the following keywords: [KEYWORDS].

  3. Develop a step-by-step tutorial video on [TOPIC] for our YouTube channel. Include the following info: [INSERT ADDITIONAL INFO HERE].

  4. Craft a content calendar with [NUMBER] blog post ideas, including these keywords [INSERT KEYWORDS]. Spread the blog posts out across 3 months.

  5. Create a checklist for conducting market research before launching a new product or service.

  6. Generate a list of 10 thought-provoking discussion questions for a blog post about [TOPIC].

  7. Write a script for a podcast episode discussing the benefits of [TOPIC].

  8. Develop a whitepaper on [TOPIC]. Keep it under [NUMBER OF WORDS]. Here is the information to help [INSERT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HERE].

  9. Write a series of email newsletters providing tips and tricks for [TOPIC].

  10. Rewrite this bulleted list to start with the same [PART OF SPEECH].

  11. Trim this content down to fewer than [X SENTENCES/WORDS/CHARACTERS].

  12. Rewrite this paragraph as a bulleted list [INSERT PARAGRAPH].

  13. Summarize this expert interview [INSERT INTERVIEW].

  14. Write a short DM to [CREATOR/BUSINESS] that persuades them to partner with me for [TOPIC] Include two to three reasons why it makes sense for us to partner together. Here is information on this creator: [INSERT INFORMATION].

  15. Rewrite this paragraph for clarity [INSERT PARAGRAPH].

  16. For WordPress: Write html hyperlinks for these header 2s [INSERT HEADERS] with header tags.

  17. Generate five title options for a blog post about [INSERT TOPICS HERE], use the following keywords in the title [INSERT KEYWORDS].

  18. Come up with [NUMBER] YouTube video ideas for [COMPANY] about [TOPIC].

  19. Write a compelling press release about our latest product launch of [PRODUCT NAME], emphasizing the benefits of the new features. Here is the information to help [INSERT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HERE].

  20. Create a series of four blog topics per month, for a period of six months, on the topics of [INSERT TOPICS].

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Social Media


  1. Write a short social media post for [SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS] explaining our holiday hours are [INSERT TIMES] but letting people know they can shop online.

  2. Generate [NUMBER] post ideas for [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM] for a [COMPANY INDUSTRY] company, focusing on [COMPANY-RELATED TOPICS]. Create [NUMBER] Pinterest board ideas for a [COMPANY TYPE] company.

  3. Write a [SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL] post sharing this inspiring customer success story and how our [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] made a positive impact: [INSERT CUSTOMER STORY].

  4. Build a six-month social media calendar for a [BUSINESS TYPE AND LOCATION IF RELEVANT]. The business is present on [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS]. Include special events, holidays and regular posts that will engage customers.


  1. I want you to act as my social media manager for my [EXPLAIN BUSINESS, BRAND, OR PROFESSION AND WHAT YOU USUALLY POST ABOUT]. Give me at least 5 examples of an interesting About section for my LinkedIn profile.

  2. I want you to act as my social media manager for my [EXPLAIN BUSINESS, BRAND, PROFESSION, AND WHAT YOU TYPICALLY WRITE ABOUT]. I need you to create a month-long content calendar with at least one post each day. Write the post for me including the relevant hashtags and use emojis. Write posts specifically for LinkedIn. My target audience is [COMPANIES/PROFESSIONALS INTERESTED IN MY BRAND PRODUCT OR SERVICES].

  3. Craft a short LinkedIn post about [TOPIC/KEYWORD]. Use this supplementary information: [INSERT A PARAGRAPH HERE].

  4. Create [NUMBER] LinkedIn polls about [INSERT TOPICS].

  5. Develop a series of LinkedIn posts sharing industry insights and thought leadership on emerging market trends in [TOPIC]. Here’s a list of tends to get started [TRENDS LIST].

  6. Write a LinkedIn post promoting our new ebook about [TOPIC]. Describe this in [WORD COUNT] words or less and include this URL: [WEBSITE URL].

  7. Create a LinkedIn post under 150 words using this [INSERT COPY HERE].

  8. Generate five possible titles and descriptions for a LinkedIn post about our company’s mission and values. Those are: [INSERT VALUES].

  9. Create a LinkedIn post template for a [JOB TITLE] of a [INDUSTRY] company who wants to establish themselves as a thought leader.


  1. I want you to act as my social media manager promoting [EXPLAIN BUSINESS BRAND AND WHAT YOU OFFER]. I need you to provide me with a two-week content calendar for Facebook posts that are highly engaging and generate emotional responses from the readers. Add one post for each day, using hashtags and emojis.

  2. Write a Facebook post inviting followers to share [TOPIC].

  3. I want you to act as my social media manager and write at least 5 captions for a Facebook photo about [EXPLAIN PHOTO]. Use hashtags and emojis in the caption.


  1. Structure an attention-grabbing Instagram carousel post highlighting [INSERT BRAND/PRODUCT FEATURES].

  2. Rewrite this blog post section as an Instagram caption: [INSERT PARAGRAPH].

  3. Come up with [NUMBER] instagram story ideas for [COMPANY NAME] relevant to [TARGET AUDIENCE] using a brand voice that is [BRAND VOICE].

  4. Create an Instagram carousel with [NUMBER] slides using this [INSERT COPY].

  5. Generate five possible titles and descriptions for an Instagram post about our company’s brand values, those are: [INSERT VALUES].


  1. Create a Twitter thread featuring tips and tricks for [INSERT TOPIC]. Include this information: [INSERT INFORMATION].

  2. Re-write this Instagram post for Twitter. Keep the post to 250 characters. [INSERT POST].

  3. Write a Twitter post about an upcoming holiday [INSERT HOLIDAY] and explain why it matters to our brand [INSERT BRAND VALUES].


  1. Create a Pinterest pin description dedicated to [TOPIC] and [FEATURES].

  2. Write a TikTok biography for my company. Here’s information about my company [INSERT INFORMATION HERE].

  3. Create a TikTok video idea demonstrating [TOPIC].

  4. Come up with [NUMBER] YouTube video ideas for [COMPANY] about [TOPIC].

  5. Write a 60-second YouTube script for [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME] using [INSERT INFORMATION HERE] about the company.

  6. Generate five ideas for YouTube videos around the topic of [INSERT TOPIC].

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Email

  1. Develop five ideas for content to include in an email nurture campaign for existing customers.

  2. Create a series of automated emails that will inform customers about new products or services and encourage them to purchase.

  3. Develop five ideas for content to include in an email drip campaign for customers of [COMPANY] who haven’t purchased from us in [NUMBER OF MONTHS]. Include this offer [OFFER DETAILS].

  4. Develop three ideas for encouraging customers to leave reviews and ratings about our [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

  5. Create four different email subject lines to promote our upcoming webinar on the topic of [INSERT TOPIC].

  6. Create five pieces of compelling copy that will encourage customers to sign up for our email list.

  7. Develop five ideas for content to include in an email drip campaign for [DESCRIBE TARGET PERSONA].

  8. Write five subject lines and pre-headers for a promotional email about our company’s upcoming event [INSERT EVENT INFO].

  9. Develop a series of automated emails that will inform customers about upcoming discounts and offers.

  10. Write five subject lines for an email campaign introducing our company’s products and services.

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Advertising

  1. I want you to act as an advertiser. You will create a campaign to promote a product or service. You will choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals. The product you will be promoting is: [PRODUCT TITLE AND DESCRIPTION].

  2. Write persuasive Google ad copy for a campaign targeting [KEYWORD], focusing on our product [PRODUCT NAME], using this [INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT OR CAMPAIGN].

  3. Create an advertising campaign about [PRODUCT/SERVICE] targeting [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Include [NUMBER] messages and slogans and choose the best promotional media channels based on our product offering [INSERT SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION].

  4. Develop a comprehensive advertising campaign strategy for launching a new product on the market. Here’s our product information [INSERT PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  5. Create a catchy slogan for a [INDUSTRY] brand that encapsulates their brand identity and motivates potential customers. Here are their brand voice guidelines [INSERT BRAND GUIDELINES].

  6. Write a persuasive 30-second radio script for [PRODUCT/SERVICE/BRAND], highlighting their current promotions. [INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCT/PROMOTION].

  7. Propose creative ideas for a viral marketing campaign that generates buzz and engages users on social media platforms.

  8. Write a 15-second advertisement script about [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

  9. Write a script for a YouTube post-roll ad that ends with a compelling CTA for [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

  10. Provide descriptions for a series of online banner ads for an ecommerce website, promoting their seasonal sale with compelling visuals and call-to-action messages. [INSERT SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION].

  11. Create a targeted advertising strategy to reach and engage a specific demographic for [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

  12. Write a script for a YouTube pre-roll ad that grabs viewers’ attention within the first five seconds and drives them to take action [INSERT SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION].

  13. Propose innovative influencer marketing collaborations for a [PRODUCT/SERVICE] to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

  14. Develop a buyer persona for a [INTEREST] enthusiast who enjoys attending [EVENT TYPE].

  15. Suggest [NUMBER] strategies for lead generation in [MARKET] and [INDUSTRY].

  16. Develop a storyboard for a TV commercial that showcases the benefits and usage of [product/service] targeting [TARGET AUDIENCE].

  17. List common challenges faced by [INSERT BUYER PERSONA DESCRIPTION].

  18. Write three Google Ad headlines to take people to this landing page [INSERT URL].

  19. Write persuasive Google ad copy for a campaign targeting [KEYWORD], focusing on our product [PRODUCT NAME], using this [INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT OR CAMPAIGN].

  20. Develop four unique concepts for Google ad campaigns that will target customers in the following locations [INSERT LOCATIONS].

  21. Generate five examples of a Facebook ad headline that will drive more clicks and conversions to our online shop.

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for Ecommerce

  1. Recommend complementary products that go well with a customer’s recent purchase of [ITEM].

  2. Provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up Google Tag Manager to track Facebook Custom Conversion events triggered by a callback button click using Javascript.

  3. Craft an upbeat 50-word product description for [INSERT PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  4. Create a friendly chat message for [COMPANY NAME] to explain our hassle-free return policy: [INSERT RETURN POLICY].

  5. Modify the product titles in the provided list by adding keywords [INSERT KEYWORDS] where appropriate.

  6. Write a persuasive email to encourage customers to sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive discounts, product updates, and insider tips. [INSERT SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION]

  7. Develop a marketing campaign for [PRODUCT/SERVICE], including strategies for social media promotion, email marketing, and influencer collaborations.

  8. Write 10 Google Ads headline variations with only 30 characters.

  9. Write a compelling call-to-action button copy similar to “shop now,” “add to cart,” or “get yours today!”

  10. Generate a list of [NUMBER] FAQ’s with answers for our customer support team.

  11. Develop a loyalty program that rewards customers with points for their purchases, referrals, and social media engagement.

  12. Act as an ecommerce merchandising expert. Create product collection descriptions for [BRAND]. [INSERT BRAND INFORMATION HERE].

  13. Write an SMS campaign for our product [PRODUCT INFORMATION].

  14. Craft ad copy for our product and optimize the copy for [SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL] ads.

  15. Come up with [NUMBER] ideas for newsletter sign-up CTA’s.

  16. Write a list of [NUMBER] of audience demographics that might want [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

ChatGPT Marketing Prompts for User Experience (UX)

  1. Generate a list of [NUMBER] user interface (UI) design requirements for a [PRODUCT].

  2. Develop a PDF typography style guide for a web application, including font families, sizes, and usage guidelines.

  3. What are the key UI considerations I should consider when designing a navigation menu for an ecommerce website?

  4. Generate a sample usability report for a competitor’s social media platform by analyzing this [USER FEEDBACK] and identifying areas for improvement.

  5. As a UX designer, what gamification techniques can I incorporate into a [APP TYPE] app?

  6. How can I design a [INDUSTRY] website in a way that conveys professionalism to potential clients?

  7. What are some engaging micro-interactions to consider when designing a language learning mobile app?

  8. Create an interactive wireframe prototype for a [INDUSTRY] platform using a design tool of your choice.

  9. Develop a user persona for a [APP TYPE] app targeting millennials and Gen Zs.

  10. What are some of the best practices for designing accessible forms in web applications to ensure inclusivity for users with disabilities?

  11. Create a text-based Excel sheet to collect and organize user feedback from usability testing sessions. Assume a team of [NUMBER] UX researchers.

  12. How can I optimize the onboarding experience for a shopping app to increase user engagement and reduce drop-off rates?

  13. Generate user flows for a [APP TYPE] app, covering scenarios such as [TOPICS].

  14. Generate survey questions to understand user preferences and needs for a new [MESSAGING PLATFORM] for [REMOTE TEAMS].

  15. Create a responsive checklist for [CHARTS].

  16. Write a chatbot script for a virtual assistant to help customers with [PRODUCT/SERVICE] inquiries.

  17. Create two website banners that promote our sale. Include information about the following products: [INSERT PRODUCT INFO].

AI Marketing Solutions – Tips and Best Practices

Diversify Prompt Usage. Embrace a variety of prompts to stimulate different facets of creativity, from brainstorming new ideas to refining existing strategies.

Context Matters. Craft prompts with specific context to receive more relevant and actionable responses, ensuring the output aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Iterative Refinement. Iteratively refine your prompts based on the responses. Experiment, learn, and optimize to enhance the effectiveness of your interactions with ChatGPT.

Experiment with Length. Vary the length of your prompts. Sometimes, a concise question may yield precise responses, while a more detailed prompt can evoke nuanced insights.

Utilize Multi-Turn Conversations. Engage in multi-turn conversations to explore complex topics. Utilize ChatGPT’s ability to maintain context for deeper and more nuanced discussions.

Leverage ChatGPT for Content Creation. Beyond ideation, employ ChatGPT for content creation. Use it to draft articles, generate marketing copy, or create engaging social media posts.

Customize for Your Audience. Tailor prompts to resonate with your target audience. Consider the tone, language, and style to ensure the generated content aligns with your brand identity.

Monitor Output Quality. Regularly assess the quality of ChatGPT’s output. Keep a keen eye on coherence, relevance, and accuracy to refine and improve the generated content.

Collaborative Exploration. Engage in collaborative exploration by sharing prompts within your team. Leverage collective insights to refine prompts and enhance overall creativity.

Ethical Considerations. Exercise ethical considerations in your prompts. Be mindful of biases and potential misinformation, ensuring your interactions align with responsible AI usage practices.

What is AIPRM?

AIPRM, or Artificial Intelligence-Powered Response Manager, gives users access to thousands of free engineered prompts specifically designed for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This AI add-on offers users a way to use ChatGPT more easily and improve resulting content. It provides many ready-made suggestions designed for ChatGPT. This AI tool is like a helper for novice users and simplifies the experience. AIPRM makes it possible to get the most out of ChatGPT without needing to be an expert in creating prompts. Whether you’re just starting with conversational AI or you’re experienced, AIPRM is a helpful tool that makes using ChatGPT smooth and efficient for various tasks.

Final Thoughts

This list of ChatGPT marketing prompts is designed to spark creativity and enhance strategies for routine marketing activities across all proficiency levels. Conversational AI marketing solutions open up possibilities for enhanced content creation and customer engagement.

We hope you found these helpful in generating useful ideas for you blog and other campaigns. Share this article to help others to learn, making it easier for everyone to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

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ChatGPT Marketing Prompts are designed to spark creativity, streamline ideation, and enhance your overall marketing strategy. They provide a diverse array of prompts to elevate your campaigns and captivate your audience.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a novice, these prompts cater to various skill levels. From automating tasks to fostering customer conversations, there’s a prompt for every marketer looking to boost creativity.

Integrating ChatGPT prompts is seamless. Simply explore the prompts provided, choose those aligned with your goals, and incorporate them into your brainstorming sessions. They are crafted to enhance your daily marketing workflow effortlessly.

Yes, indeed! The versatility of ChatGPT Marketing Prompts allows for customization to match your industry or niche. Tailor them to your specific needs and witness how they contribute to the uniqueness of your marketing campaigns.

While specific campaign results may vary, many marketers have reported increased creativity, streamlined ideation, and improved engagement after incorporating ChatGPT Marketing Prompts. These prompts serve as a valuable resource for crafting impactful campaigns.

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